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The Campaign Launch Writing Checklist

To successfully launch any product or service, you must know how to do one thing extraordinarily well: Sell with words.


What if you could:


… write persuasive copy that captivates, fascinates, and engages readers?


… turn skeptics into customers.


… create memorable sound bites.


… inspire action.


With the right words and proper planning you can do exactly that.  It all starts with keeping these 3 questions top of mind when writing your sales content:


⏹ Who is this product/ service for?

⏹ Why is it different?

⏹ What does it do?


This checklist is a roadmap for creating killer content for your launch.  Included you will find:

  • Best practices for creating an opt-in page that converts.

  • Tips on how to create a series of launch emails that resonate.

  • Ideas for generating social posts that make noise and get noticed.

  • A specific outline for organizing a sales page that attracts.

  • Pointers for making the most out of your webinars.

  • Creative tips for video marketing


"Without a plan you are planning to fail!”

-Benjamin Franklin

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