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Do you feel overwhelmed, anxious, and exhausted? Are you ready to feel more in control of your feelings and reactions? This small group program is design to help bring awareness to how your thoughts are impacting your physical body, and release stress that could be causing physical issues like migraines, neck, back or stomach pain. 

This space is meant for if you:

⚡️Feel like anxiety has a stronghold on you.

⚡️Often feel like you're on the hamster wheel of life, always on the go, always putting everyone before yourself, and you're sick of feeling exhausted both physically and emotionally.

⚡️You notice thoughts like, "I know something is holding me back but I can’t put my finger on it", or "I know I’m holding on to emotions from things that happened in the past, but I’m not sure how to begin to let them go", crossing your mind all the time.

⚡️You've tried other approaches to wellness like healthy eating and exercise, or reading self help books. While it may help for a little while, you fall off the wagon and know it's time to try something else.

It’s time to take a look at your energy body. Our mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health are stored within the subtle body of our human energy system. We are intricate beings, and finding balance and truly coming home to yourself can be challenging.

That’s why I’ve designed this program to introduce you to a variety of different modalities: reiki, meditation, energy medicine, journaling, EFT, and more. What's more important than the modality is finding what you need. You’ll learn about each, practice different exercises and techniques and discover which most positively impacts your energy and get you back to feeling GOOD!

This is a 6 week program that consists of live weekly group calls on Zoom + 2 one-on-one sessions that are tailored specifically to you and what is going on in your life.  The program is scheduled to kick off in early November.  If this sounds like it's for you book a call or send me a message, and let's chat! 

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt this is going to be such a powerful space for connection, exploration and healing. And I'm so excited to see who is ready to dive in!

Book a complimentary call today!

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