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The Power of Meditation

Incorporating a daily meditation practice into my routine has quite literally transformed me – it has changed how I think, how I react in certain situations, and simply how I feel. I never would’ve dreamed that a mere ten minutes a day of quiet reflection could have such a profound impact on my life.

There’s a good chance that if you’re a friend of mine, I’ve talked with you about meditation. I’ve likely tried to convince you start meditating too. I do this because it’s been such a blessing to me, I want to share it with all those I love. The responses I often hear sound something like this: I tried, and I just can’t do it or I don’t have time or I’m not good that that sort of thing etc.

I’ve got news for you, absolutely EVERYONE can meditate, and EVERYONE can make the time, should they choose to. Consider how much time you spend scrolling through your social media feeds each day or plopped in front of the TV after the kids finally fall asleep. I can guarantee you can find 2 minutes for yourself.

People have so many misconceptions about meditation. They envision monks in a monastery sitting idly for hours. By no means does meditation have to be that intense. I do daily meditations with the kids. They are 1-2 minutes long, because that’s their typical attention span right now. But, you know what? Lately, after finishing one meditation they ask to do another. We use the Headspace app, and absolutely love it – it’s easy and there a variety of topics that they cover from anxiety, anger, and self-esteem, to patience, appreciation, happiness, and a whole lot in between.

Brody and Ava doing the Happiness meditation. This is one of their faves. They place a stuffed animal on their belly and watch it move up and down as they inhale and exhale.