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Tapping Through Dread

Dread isn't a feeling we enjoy.

That feeling of really not wanting to do something, and putting it off over and over again. Anything come to mind? A few things do for me... that project I keep putting off, and the commitment to daily exercise that I know I need to be doing for starters!

But what if instead of allowing the dread to carry on, and pushing off the project and pushing back the workout time to later on in the day, you just felt the dread, and did it anyway?

Because dread sucks. And prolonging that feeling by not doing the thing only makes it worse.

So what if instead, you step into the dread. You feel it. You embrace the hard. You allow the discomfort, and you move through that shit and GET. IT. DONE!

Think about how that will feel. It's going to feel so empowering. You'll feel proud, invigorated, and you will experience so much growth along the way!

You with me? Let's tap into the dread and create the change you've been pushing off! Now is your time!


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