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Website Audit Checklist

Your website is your first impression.  You want it to be a lasting one. With busy and distracted readers you must grab their attention, imply a benefit, and pique their curiosity.


The copy, your pitch, your story and how you tell it, is possibly the the MOST important part of your business. Make sure you aren’t missing a beat and are covering every essential section on every page of your website


What if:


… Creating copy was easy?


… And you knew exactly what to write about?


...And it grabbed your readers attention and held it?


...And you started seeing higher conversion rates?


Here’s the thing: this is all possible with a little practice!


“If writing is your practice, the only way to fail is not to write”  - Gail Sher


To get you started, I created this checklist to guide you through the copywriting process page by page of your website.  It’ll help you organize your thoughts and assist you in generating strong and impactful copy.


This checklist is a content roadmap + writing tips that will teach you how to:

  • Write a clear and concise headline

  • Declare your your product or services solve a problem

  • Present your solution

  • Convey trust and credibility

  • Share social proof

  • Incorporate testimonials into your copy

  • Create a clear CTA

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