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Confidently Navigate Stress, Fears & Conflicts around Workplace Discrimination

Highly effective strategies for regulating the nervous system & how to address discrimination

When: January 24 11AM PST / 2PM EST

Where: Zoom

Who: Business Owners

Hosts: Lauren Fonvielle, EFT Practitioner & Jennifer Yeh, Founder/CEO of Big Little Insights, coaching and conflict resolution company 


Despite being illegal in the workplace and the belief that discrimination is a relic of the past, discrimination is actually a widespread issue.  Recent data revealed 91% of workers report that they have faced workplace discrimination, and the number of workplace discrimination cases at the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission rose 50% in 2023 compared to 2022.  Because workplaces often act reactively, that can hurt morale, affect worker productivity, impact client buying patterns, and ultimately the bottom line. The most inclusive companies can realize 2.6x more in net profit than their less inclusive peers.  Contrary to common belief, conflict caused by or related to discrimination starts way earlier than when a discrimination lawsuit is filed.  If employers wait until a lawsuit is filed to react, they can have a hard time recruiting and retaining top talent and can see cultures turn toxic because workers want their leaders to have their backs and take measures to address those issues. If companies aren't taking the appropriate initiative to prevent discrimination or they don't have effective systems in place to prevent and resolve reports, companies can find themselves spending money defending multiple six- or seven-figure lawsuits rather than earning a profit or reinvesting the money to grow the business, ultimately costing the company much more than preventative measures would have cost.   


In this workshop, you will learn how to…

  • Reduce your  fears & anxiety about workplace discrimination with the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

  • Increase your capacity to do MORE in your life & business

  • Feel prepared to take steps in your business to prevent and address discrimination 

  • Identify different ways to prevent and address discrimination 

  • Determine who can help you resolve conflicts around discrimination

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