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Mindset Reset

Relax, Relate, Release

Are you ready for change?

It's time to retrain your brain!​ EFT is a powerful tool that has been show to do exactly that! Join me on this 5 Day Mindset Reset journey where you will receive one short email a day that includes a tapping exercise! 

Join me for this 5 Day Mindset Reset and learn:

  • The 5 powerful steps to creating lasting change

  • How to tune into the the messages your body is sending

  • Why specificity is your friend when it comes to tapping

  • How different parts of yourself might be at odds and how to work with these parts

  • Next steps for moving forward with clarity

About Lauren

Lauren is an Integrative Energy Practitioner, specializing in EFT/ Tapping for stress, anxiety, and trauma. She guides her clients on a journey of self healing breaking through obstacles - physical, mental, or emotional - that are keeping them feeling stuck and in pain. 

If you are interested in personal support, schedule a free consultation.

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