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Signature Services

Let's Work Together

Are you ready to talk with me about working together to reduce stress, anxiety and chronic pain? Schedule a free consultation here

Be sure to check out, and take advantage of all of my free resources including: tapping scripts, monthly entrepreneur tapping events, tap-a-long videos and more!

Private Mindshift EFT Coaching

I work one-on-one with women who are often entrepreneurs (but not always!) who feel stuck in their business or life. Together we uncover limiting beliefs or past experiences that are feeding the negative thought patterns and creating stress, anxiety and chronic pain in their bodies. Learn More

Small Group Coaching

Each week a small group of entrepreneurs (no more than 6 participants) come together to share their struggles in life and business. We identify the thought patterns and beliefs that are keeping you stuck, get to the root of WHY you feel this way (past experiences, taking on others beliefs), and release them for good! It's time to clear the path, step into your confident self, and become an energetic magnet for your ideal client! Learn More


I offer signature personalized presentations on how stress and anxiety are directly tied to our health, productivity and well-being. I lead an interactive experience demonstrating how implementing an EFT practice enables you to increase your capacity to do more in your life and business! Learn More


I host a variety of classes from introductory workshops about the power of EFT on anxiety & stress, tapping circles, sound baths and yoga classes. See the Schedule

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