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Laura T.

Laura T.

Laura T.

Laura T.

Major breakthrough with generational trauma.

Found myself feeling so much calmer

I can’t say enough wonderful things about my experiences working with Lauren.  A few years ago a friend of mine suggested I check out some of her YouTube videos.  I was instantly drawn in by Lauren’s easy going demeanor and down to earth personality.  I had no experience with EFT, but found myself much calmer after just one short video.  I decided to work with her one on one and I am so thankful that I did.  Lauren has used her unique style of EFT combined with her other healing skills (Reiki, sound healing to name a few) to hold beautiful space for me to heal anxiety, acknowledge loss and grief, and better manage my physical pain. We laugh, we cry, we talk, and we tap it all out together.  I recently began attending her workshops for success in business where she helped me identify blocks and begin to tackle them.  Lauren has truly made a positive and life changing impact on my well being.  She has helped me to build a daily tapping practice to support my own healing.  I highly recommend working with Lauren.  You will appreciate her generous and lighthearted soul, as she guides you on your journey to heal yourself too!

Kay M - Pharmacist

Incredibly transformative session

I am enjoying significant improvements as a result of my work with Lauren

I'm not doubting the success of my biz, as I once did. I now quickly catch my doubtful thinking when it surfaces and shift it into more positive expectations.


Because I'm feeling less doubtful and more positive about my biz, I've started to attract podcast interviews, talks and potential clients. Whereas before, I reached out and felt like I was met with crickets (no response and no interest).


I feel happier. When we let go of doubt we step into our truth. My truth and the truth for all of us humans is that we're meant to live peaceful, happy vibrant lives doing things we love. When we're in doubt, we keep ourselves apart from what we love, by telling ourselves we can't do it. So we play small and on some level we feel bad for ourselves. When we curb the doubt, we open up opportunity to live our dreams- have the biz we've always wanted, the family harmony we've longed for or whatever it is you wish you had...

I HIGHLY recommend working with Lauren and using the tapping tool to create the successful biz you've always wanted. Your life, heart (and wallet) will thank you for it!

Andrea A.  - Health & Emotional Wellness Coach

You are a conduit of soul healing energy

Lauren, you are a conduit of soul healing energy, and I am grateful for your love and support. 

You have changed my life and I often use what I learned… especially the phase, “I love and accept myself”, and I know now that it is OK to feel confused, angry, sad etc.

You are a blessing and have helped me navigate my feelings and learn to process them. More people need your services, and I will do all I can to support your life changing work. 

Susan P. - Sales Rep 

Chronic neck & shoulder pain was gone! 

I had such an amazing experience with Lauren! She led me through an EFT session and helped me unearth the emotions and memories that were causing me physical pain. After one session, my chronic neck and shoulder pain was gone and I felt so much lighter after working through the emotions and sensations that had been weighing me down. Lauren has such a wonderful spirit about her. Every conversation I've had with her makes me feel right at home. And I just cannot thank you enough, Lauren!!

Laura T. - Life Coach

Incredibly transformative session

Lauren is amazing!! Together we did an EFT tapping session that was incredibly transformative in just one sitting!
She’s a great listener and truly knows how to hold space. She skillfully and intuitively picked up on how I was feeling, which helped me significantly on my healing journey. I highly recommend working with her!

Leila T.  - College student

After our session I had a major breakthrough. I knew these beliefs were generational but I wasn't going back far enough. My grandparents were first generation immigrants who came over as indentured servants. Of course I have all those weird beliefs about work. And the beliefs about being quiet and the fear of showing my gifts. You helped me remove a blindspot! Thank you!

Randi M. - Small business owner

I had a major break through!

Feel less mentally & physically blocked

Lauren is talented, kind, compassionate and intuitive. She is extremely knowledgeable about EFT (tapping) and I felt less mentally and physically blocked after a session. I had a pinching in my shoulder for a few days with burning across my shoulders when we started the session and by the end of the hour the burning had subsided and the pinching wasn’t as strong! The session went through physical pain, limiting beliefs and ended with positive manifestation which left me feeling strong and energized.

Rachel W. - Entrepreneur

Untangled stuck thoughts & patterns

Lauren's gentle approach to healing has helped me untangle some stuck thoughts and patterns that I have been experiencing. She has a natural energy that shines with compassion and made me feel comfortable in her presence almost instantly. I truly value the work we have done together and can't wait to see where the future leads!

Bobbi T. - Health & Wellness Coach

Feel at peace with emotions I had bottled up 

In just one online EFT session with Lauren, I already feel at peace with some emotions I had bottled up. Working with her today reminded me of the power I have to shift my mindset and make positive changes in my life. Despite being on opposite sides of the country, I felt incredibly comfortable opening up to Lauren. She asked all the right questions and received my story with no judgement. From explaining the science behind EFT, to sharing how she incorporates the practice into her personal life, I am so thankful I said ‘yes’ to this opportunity. Hope you do too!

Jacque R. - Photographer

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