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Intro to EFT/ Tapping : Reduce Back to School Anxiety for Parents & Kids

Module 1: Introduction

Module 1: Lesson 1

Meet Lauren, Advanced Certified EFT Practitioner & Coach.

Module 1: Lesson 2

What is EFT/ Tapping?

Module 1: Lesson 3

How does EFT/ Tapping work? And how does it help reduce anxiety?

Module 2: Practicing EFT

Module 2: Lesson 1

Where are the tapping points?

Module 2: Lesson 2

Identifying tapping words and phrases for your practice.

Module 2: Lesson 3

Putting it all together. Let's tap!

Module 3: Sharing EFT With Your Child 

Module 3: Lesson 1

Surrogate tapping (tapping for your child).

Module 3: Lesson 2

Identifying emotions and connecting the dots.

Module 3: Lesson 3

Creating a habit of tapping.

Module 3: Lesson 4

Sample tapping session with your child. 

Mini Course Summary

Review & Moving Forward

Please reach out with any questions at or schedule a free 30 min consultation today!

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