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Intro to EFT/ Tapping : Reduce Stress & Anxiety for Mamas


Meet Lauren

Lauren is an Advanced Certified EFT Practitioner & Coach.

What is EFT/ Tapping?

Learn about the Emotional Freedom Technique

How does EFT/ Tapping work?

What's happening internally? And how does it help reduce anxiety?

Practicing EFT

Tapping to Calm the Nervous System

Tapping helps to calm the body and mind so you can think more clearly.

EFT for Pain Relief

There are many emotional contributors to physical pain.

EFT for Feeling Helpless

Acknowledging how you are feeling is an important part of the healing process.

Healing from Trauma

Release some of the intensity around the emotions you are currently experiencing.

Creating & Keeping Boundaries

Release the guilt around doing what is best for you.

Tapping On Feeling Not Good Enough

Break free from the hamster wheel of negative thoughts.

Tapping Into Acceptance

Accepting where you are right here and now.

I hope you found these videos helpful! Should you have questions about anything at all, please reach out to me directly by emailing me at or schedule a free 30 min consultation today! Keep tapping! 

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