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Inside Out

Cultivate Inner Calm & Peace of Mind From The Inside Out

Discover the power and benefits of combining EFT & iRest Meditation

Program led by: Lauren Fonvielle & Jennifer Boileau

Are you tired of feeling stressed, reactive and at the mercy of your emotions? 

This 6 week course will teach you easy, effective, and evidence- based practices to help you 
experience better, more restful sleep, greater feelings of ease and contentment, deeper mental focus, ability to handle what life throws at you from a grounded place of inner well-being.

What is Tapping?

Tapping, otherwise known as the Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT, is a powerful evidence-based stress-reduction and healing technique that uses the same meridians as acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (without the needles!). By tapping on these meridians, you can induce profound changes in the brain and nervous system, which can help you reach your physical and emotional goals.

What is iRest Meditation?

iRest, or Integrative Restoration, is a research based meditation practice that is adapted to support our modern lives. The practice was developed by Jenn’s personal teacher,  Dr. Richard Miller, at Walter Reed Medical Center to combine the ancient practices of meditation with Western psychology and neuroscience. The U.S. Army Surgeon General has listed iRest as a Tier 1 approach for Pain Management in Military Care. iRest is simple to learn and apply to your daily life, and once the protocol is understood, it offers tools you can use for life. Expect to live your life with a renewed sense of ease and unshakable calm from implementing this practice - little and often - into your life. Life can be tough, iRest can help.

What do these practices help with?

Self Alignment 

Deeper Relaxation 

Reducing Stress and stress related conditions

Clarity of thought

Non-pharmaceutical Pain Relief

Enhanced Concentration 

Nervous System Regulation

Tapping + iRest = Harnessing the Power of  Your Mind

Course Goals

  • Formally teach course participants the basics of EFT to tap into their inner strength, manage stress and feel calmer and more in control of their emotions.

  • Understand the science behind why EFT and meditation practices work

  • Experience the benefits of combining EFT and Meditation

  • Deepen your existing personal practice or implement a regular practice

  • Experience and understand the 10 step iRest protocol & how to apply to your life

  • Understand the neuroscience of why and how the practice supports the brain after being exposed to prolonged stress - and how iRest reverses those negative effects

  • Develop a personal practice applicable to your daily life, “little and often”

  • Learn how to harness your attention and concentration to create ease in the body and mind & increase focus and performance 

  • Understand how to use these skills as  “invisible accommodations” in your daily life

What's Included?

  • 8 hours of live in person group instruction

  • 1 hour of 1:1 tapping with Lauren

  • 1 hour of 1:1 iRest meditation with Jenn

  • Access to a private Facebook group for community & support in the practices


  • Tapping script worksheet

  • Recorded tapping session for stress relief

  • iRest Prompt Journal to develop your personal practice

  • iRest audio download for future use

Course Investment

Option 1

Option 2

Course Dates

The program February 2022 and will be held virtually on Zoom. 

  • February 2, 2022

  • February 9, 2022

  • February 16, 2022

  • February 23, 2022

  • March 2, 2022

  • March 9, 2022

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