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Build Resilience: Tap Through Life Challenges

"When life gets too hard to stand, kneel."

Life can turn on a dime. Everything can be going along just fine and then WHAM - a phone call, an accident, a diagnosis - and suddenly everything is turned upside down. You find yourself in a new normal trying to figure out which way is up. I have several clients going through some really heavy stuff. The emotions are intense. The physical sensations of weight on their chest, excruciating. It feels like time should stop. Yet, life goes on. There are kids to care for, businesses to run, and a new journey to navigate. It can be really hard, impossible even, to see the forest from the trees in these situations. Survival mode is in full effect. And that's okay. Sometimes the best approach is day by day, or even moment by moment. When grief is so crushing, that can be all we can manage. This is a time to lean in. Lean into your close friends and family. Lean in to your therapists and healing practitioners, and cling to any hope or thoughts of gratitude that you can muster. Remind yourself that you deserve to be happy. You are worthy of joy. In time, cracks of light will shine through. If you can't seem them yet, that's okay. Know they are coming. They are there. Take care of yourself. Choose to love yourself through this time. And for those of you who are in a good place, check in on your loved ones. Spread the love. Be the light. Let's tap together!

Life challenges can stop you in your tracks if you let them. Tapping helps you move through and overcome those challenges one session at a time! I'm happy to help guide you and answer any questions you may have - no strings attached! Hit me up for a free consultation.


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