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Clear Limiting Beliefs About Money!

Today we are tapping on money!

We all have a relationship with money. How would you describe your relationship with money? Is it stressful? Anxiety inducing? Frustrating? Do you want to change the relationship? Tapping can help!

If you've been watching my videos for awhile, you'll know that I say it's incredibly important to get specific with how YOU feel. Here are a few questions that will help...

- What is your first money memory?

- Did you get your money beliefs from mom or dad? Someone else?

- What beliefs do you have around money? ie; "It's really hard to make money." or "When I have money in my account, it disappears just as fast." or "Wealthy people are selfish."

- What past experiences with money make you feel icky?

The answers to these questions are a great place to start tapping. So often our past experiences are playing a HUGE impact on our current experience. Exploring the answers to these questions will help you begin to hold space for the emotions attached to these thoughts and beliefs. And by holding space for these feelings we can create new space, for a new healthy relationship with money.

Are you ready? Let's tap!!


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