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EFT for Anticipatory Anxiety & Fear of the Future

This one is for all my planners!

I love a good plan and timeline. Who's with me? There's something about having a roadmap and marking off the stops along the way, that brings me great joy! But, when the plan starts to fall apart, or things outside of your control force you to make a sharp left turn, it's easy to feel jolted, anxious and overwhelmed.

Today I had a chat with a friend who was dealing with quite a bit of anxiety around her plans. Things aren't happening on her timeline and she was frustrated. It's understandable for sure! But, unfortunately or perhaps fortunately our plans don't always work out as we envisioned. Sometimes things unfold in a way that we never could have dreamed - a better plan reveals itself in due time! I try to take solace in the fact that is a possibility! And that in the end, everything always seems to work itself out!

Remember, stress is caused by your thoughts not the situation! Let's breathe, tap, and let some of that anxiety go!


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