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EFT for Loneliness

Chronic pain can often lead to feelings of loneliness. I've found that one often impacts the other. And while I do feel that there is more awareness around chronic pain, when we are talking about an "invisible illness" it can be quite challenging.

The thought loop can look something like this: Will this pain ever go away? Why is this happening to me? No one understands. I'm so alone. I'm so frustrated....

Many chronic pain warriors share that they feel trapped in their body and don't want to reach out for help. This can also be due to having reached out in the past, and not feeling heard or respected by doctors or even friends. It can sometimes even feel like the "old you" is gone for good. Daily activities that were once taken for granted are painstakingly difficult, which can lead to extreme frustration, anger, sadness or any combination of heavy emotions. This then loops back to feeling isolated.

It's important to acknowledge our feelings. Holding space for our emotions helps us to release them, instead of letting them build up to a point where they exacerbate the physical pain. Join me in this session and let's tap on the feelings of loneliness with a goal of letting some of that weight go!


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