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EFT/ Tapping for Your Inner Child

Have you heard people talk about connecting with their “inner child?” It’s an important and impactful step in the healing journey.

Whether you realize it or not, there is an inner child that lives inside of you. And you may be surprised by just how much pull that little kid has shaping how you navigate life.

There are many contributing factors to chronic pain and stress, and one of those could be childhood trauma. The inner child can hold on to painful experiences from the past

When we experience trauma (big or small), our bodies have what is called a stress response, which prepares our bodies to fight or flee. However, when this response remains highly activated in a child for an extended period of time without the calming influence of a supportive parent or adult figure, toxic stress occurs and can damage crucial neural connections in the developing brain. According to Harvard’s Center on the Developing Child, the impacts of experiencing repeated incidents of toxic stress as a child "...persist far into adulthood, and lead to lifelong impairments in both physical and mental health."

This of course isn’t to say that the causes are psychosomatic. The pain is real. The impact of the events is real. Learning to connect with your inner child, and really hearing what she has to say can be incredibly insightful. You might be really surprised by what you learn.

If this is something you want to explore, know I’m here to support you.


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