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EFT Tapping to Feel Well Rested

"Rest isn't a reward for work; it's part of the work."

We all deserve to rest!


Society puts so much pressure on us to power through or push through the pain or keep going and none of that serves us. It perpetuates an awful cycle of pressure, pain, and exhaustion.


If I've learned anything over the past few years, it's to listen to my body. If she is telling me to rest, I better pay attention. Because if I don't my body screams at me - illness, back pain, or TMJ flare ups are just a few ways she's been known to strike back.


The phrase, "no pain, no gain" is one we've all heard at some point. And I'm here to tell you it's straight up not true. We do not need to suffer to be successful or productive. Quite the opposite. We need to love, respect and listen to the cues our body is giving us.


You, my friend, are worthy of rest. Give yourself that gift. Are you ready to use EFT Tapping to feel well rested? Let's get started!



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