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Fear Comes in Many Forms

From fear of failure to fear of bees - fear can stop you in your tracks or trigger you to start running. We can't always predict how we will react either. I'd like to think I'd jump into action during an emergency - but, then I think about the time my son was 2 and choking on his dinner. My husband who'd recently received CPR training jumped into action while I stood there frozen in disbelief of what was happening. I still beat myself up over that. But in all the classes I've taken, I've learned that fight, flight, or freeze is an innate response.


Then there's my fear of bees. I've been scared of bees for as long as I can remember. I've tapped on this in several session (both on my own and with a practitioner). During one of those tapping sessions, I had a memory of being at a picnic watching a young girl be stung and have an allergic reaction. She was rushed off in an ambulance.

I have no idea if this actually happened. No one in my family has any recollection of something like this happening. Maybe it's a story I'm telling myself to justify the fear? Maybe it's a memory from a past life? Maybe it really did happen. I have no idea. What I do know is bees freak me the hell out.

The buzzing - oh how the buzzing gives me the creeps. I've jumped up from tables at outdoor restaurants, I've screamed like a lunatic, I've ran faster than I knew possible - all to escape a little 'ole bee or wasp or hornet or anything of the like.

Of course shit gets real in the summer when these little critters make their appearance. This week it was taken to a whole new level when wasps (I originally thought they were hornets) started appearing by the dozens. Then I saw nests hanging from the eves of the house - THREE of them! They were getting cozy in the shed too. Mama wasn't having it. The exterminator came yesterday.

Can you believe he doesn't wear any sort of protective gear? I so envisioned a bee keepers outfit. He was so calm. He said wasps didn't bother him. WHAT!? I asked if there were other pests that did. He said bed bugs creep him out and anytime he has deal with them he's nervous about getting in his truck or bringing them in his house. I CAN NOT imagine it!

All this to say - if you have a similar fear, whether it's bees or something else, EFT can help. You'll see in this video that I have a cognitive shift. I recognize that the fear is connected to not having control. It was a definite ah-ha moment for me. If you can relate, let's connect! I'd love to see if I can help!



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