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Fear of Judgement

When I decided to start my business, and publicly share the work I was doing, I struggled with fear of judgement. I had thoughts like: What will old colleagues think? Will people not take me seriously? What are they going to be saying about me? Those thoughts were the breeding ground for creating these false stories. Ever come up with entire scenarios of what someone will say, and how in turn you will react? It's a complete waste of time. And more times than not, all these ridiculous stories are very from reality.

EFT is a tool that can help you squash the fear and anxiety associated with judgement. Because when it comes down to it, other's opinions of you do NOT matter. What matters most is staying true to yourself!

Are you ready to create some change and shift your focus? It's time to release the fear of judgement and focus on your true desires! Who's with me? Let's get started!

Want support through this process? Set up a time for a free consultation. I look forward to connecting with you!


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