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Finding Your Flow State

Do you ever feel like you're swimming up stream? Like you're fighting so hard, determined to make something happen, but making no progress? I think we all feel like that at times. And sometimes we need to be reminded that if we turn around, we can easily float downstream, and take a different route to our final destination.

While meditating this morning, I got the message "there is purpose in the struggle." My first thought was "REALLY?, I'm over it!" But, after some quiet contemplation I realized it's very true. When we struggle, we learn. We learn what we like, what we don't like, what's important, what we desire, and it certainly makes me incredibly grateful when I'm on the other side of it.

Finding my flow, that sweet spot of feeling strong, confident and at ease has been a process. Meditation, EFT, and working out have all been huge contributing factors. But doing the work is worth it.

Instead of making our most powerful effort, we get to experience our own effortless power.

Give this Tap Along video a try and notice if you feel any lighter afterwards.


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