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How Much Worry Is Too Much?

Worries, doubts, and anxieties are a normal part of life. It’s natural to worry about bills, work, kids, or an upcoming event. But, how much worry is too much? When the worries become excessive, persistent and uncontrollable, so much so that they interfere with your daily life, it's time to take action.

Solvable vs. Unsolvable

There are two different types of worries: solvable worries and unsolvable worries. A solvable worry for example, is if you are driving to work and suddenly find yourself worrying you left the iron on, that is a valid worry. There's a potential it could burn down the house. This is a worry that you can take action on. You could turn the car around and drive back home and check, or call home or a neighbor to go check for you. You can brain storm for solvable worries and find a solution.

Where as an unsolvable worry, like, "What if my child gets hurt," or "What if I get cancer one day" are not solvable. And of course, this type of worry is what the majority of us grapple with. Often times we have these "What If" worries as an unconscious mode of protecting ourselves. If we try to predict the future, prepare ourselves for any unpleasant surprises by worrying in advance, it wont be as painful when it happens. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way. Worrying doesn't help us at all. In fact it just keeps us from enjoying the present moment.

Let's Tap

EFT/ Tapping can help you break the cycle of worry. It can help you acknowledge how you are feeling and bring you back to the present moment. Tapping statements like this can help:

  • "Even though I have this worry, right here, right now I'm safe."

  • "Even though I'm worried about ______, and that makes me feel____. I'm acknowledging these feelings."

  • "Even though I'm worried about _____, I fully love and accept myself.

Sometimes saying the worry aloud, when it's always just been swirling around in your brain, is enough to begin to create the shift. There is something truly powerful about giving voice to the worry and allowing yourself to feel whatever emotions bubble to the surface.

Join me in this 9 minute tap-along video to release worry!

If you are a worrier, and want to learn more about how tapping can help you, reach out for a free consultation. I'm here to support you in anyway that I can. Tap on!


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