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How to Improve Intuition With EFT

Last week after a fun 5 days in NY with the kids, I traveled solo to CT to visit my girlfriend and attend a Shaman workshop. Going into it, I really wasn't sure what to expect. I took some of my own advice that I'm sure you've heard me share, "Explore the things that interest you." I had read a little about Shamanism, and had a friend mention a class she had taken, and it was enough to ignite a spark within me to look for a class myself.

I really enjoyed it. My takeaway was that Shamanism is all about connecting and creating relationships with spirit. By going on journeys (much like deep meditation) you set an intention to connect with power animals, teachers or guides, and ask questions or receive healings.

The experience validated my belief that we all have the answers within us, and that the Universe really does have our back. Lately, in my own practice I've been focused on strengthening my connection with my higher self and my intuition. Sometimes I catch myself seeking answers in the outside world, when really what I need to be doing is getting quiet and going within.

Tapping helps me immensely with quieting the outside noise, so that I can hold space for my feelings and better connect with that inside voice. You too can learn how to improve intuition skills by regularly practicing tapping.

You ready? Let's tap into your intuition...

If you need help quieting the outside noise, please reach out! I'm here to support you.


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