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Overcome A Lack of Motivation

"Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do."

A few weeks ago a client came to me feeling really unmotivated in her business. She has been juggling a lot personally, helping to care for aging parents, and her own kids who have been fighting colds, stomach bugs and viruses for weeks on end. Even as everyone recovered, she was feeling far from creative, and easily busied herself with tasks other than working on her business. She was frustrated with herself, unmotivated and stuck in a rut. It's easy to create good results in business when you're motivated. But what about the days when motivation seems to up and leave you for days, weeks or more! Do you stop taking action? Do you start thinking thoughts like all this effort isn't resulting in anything. Why am I even bothering? Cue: perusing job listings. Here's the thing- a lack of motivation, or simply feeling MEH about your business isn't a time to stop. Life happens. Illness. Family stuff. Feeling tired or overwhelmed. All of this is part of the journey. Learning to discern when you actually need to pause, and when it's time to move forward despite all the things happening around you, is exactly what a tapping practice can help you with! It turns out this client's lack of motivation wasn't the real problem. The root of the issue was about fears and emotions about family stuff that she needed to acknowledge and hold space for, and once she did, she had a massive shift in perspective, and the creativity was flowing once again! We are complex human beings. We need to address the emotional side of business and life - our success can depend on it. It's okay to not always feel motivated. But don't allow it to keep you feeling stuck. If this resonates with you, I'd love to have you join my new group program: Tap Into Business Success! This intimate group experience, will meet you exactly where you are - you simply need to show up. The tapping does the work! So whether you are feeling unmotivated, frustrated, or simply stuck in your business, it's time to lookin inward, shift your mindset, and love on yourself with some tapping! And when better to get started then Valentine's Day?! Show yourself and your business the love they deserve and register for the Tap Into Business Success group program!


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