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Overthinking: Are you trapped by your own thoughts?

This one's for all the over thinkers out there.

Who else battles with their inner monologue? Worries about what you did, about what you said or about what you should’ve done or said.

Add anxiety and/ or chronic pain to the mix and it makes for a really long night of tossing and turning.

Been there, done that. Not fun - not in the least

When my TMJ was at its worst, was also the time that marks the beginning of my healing process.

That process started by first addressing the pain, followed by the thought patterns and past experiences that at the time I didn’t realize were contributing to the pain. Overthinking went hand in hand with my anxiety. The more overthinking that took place, the more anxious I got, and the more anxious I felt, the more pain I was in. It was a terrible loop.

But the amazing news is that you can retrain your brain. There’s lots of science behind this. Your brain has the ability to create new neural pathways, essentially new connections, which result in new ways of thinking. When you think differently, you feel differently. Awareness makes all the difference. Awareness is the first step in creating lasting change.

If you are stuck in negative thought loops, chronic pain, exhaustion, stress or anything of the like, change is possible. Taking the first step in asking for help can sometimes be the hardest part. But you are strong, and I know you can do it! Let me know if I can help.

Let's Tap - Calm Your Mind From Overthinking


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