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Tap Into Joy

"Choose joy. Choose happy. Choose to shine."

Joy (n) - A feeling of great pleasure or happiness. We all deserve joy in our lives. But sometimes we get so caught up in everything going on around us, and "powering through" that we miss out on some extraordinarily joyous moments. Take a few moments today to pause and ask yourself a few of these questions:

  • What is something that makes you smile?

  • What is a day you'd love to go back and relive again?

  • What was a happy moment you experienced this week?

  • What makes your soul feel most alive?

  • What makes your body feel great?

  • What is a small miracle you've witnessed?

Joy is the ability to find happiness despite all of the challenges that you are facing. I'm currently reading The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. This book is undoubtedly helping me tap into my inner creative self, and I'm finding so much joy in this space. From going on walks and collecting flowers and modge podging them onto mason jars to make candle holders, to sanding down my kitchen table and getting ready to re-paint it to designing tapping tees - I am having so much fun, and I can feel the joy on such a deep level. Tapping can help you create more space in your life, and when we have more space, we can call in more of what we want to feel! Now, if you are going through a trying time right now, I don't want you to pretend those feelings aren't there, quite the opposite - I want you to honor all the feelings that come up. And I am also suggesting to be on the look out for those small moments of joy. It can be as simple as the first sip of tea in the morning or the warm sun shining through the window. Look for the joy, because joy is looking for you! You deserve to feel good. Believe that!


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