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Tapping Through Shock and Surprise!

You know those days when you get a shocking call, email, text or even when you are scrolling social media and you see/ hear something that makes your jaw drop and sit in silence for a few minutes.

When it's news strictly about someone else - you might be stunned, have a "that's crazy" thought and then quickly move on with your day.

But, when shocking news directly impacts your life in some way, those moments of disbelief, shock, outrage, frustration, anger or any combo of such can sometimes have the power to throw you off track - leading to a bad day(s) or even weeks at a time.

However, when there is awareness, there is always the possibility of change. We can control our thoughts. We can control where we focus our attention. We can control our reaction.

While it is true that other people's choices can and do impact us, nothing is stronger than the power of the mind, and our ability to create new neural pathways.

Honoring your emotions always helps you move through them.

You ready? Let's tap.


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