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Thanksgiving Day Blues

Who’s got the Thanksgiving blues?

Like many of you, Thanksgiving will look different for us this year.

Acknowledge how that makes you feel - sad, angry, frustrated, overwhelmed etc. Honor what you’re feeling without judgement. You are entitled to your feelings.

Feel the feels. Scream, cry, punch a pillow - let that emotion move! Because if it doesn’t move it will build up. It will fester. And it will cause you pain emotionally and possibly even physically.

The definition of e-motion is energy in motion. Energy NEEDS to move. You have to let the emotions move through you. Pushing them away, running from them, or avoiding them won’t work long term.

If you aren’t sure how you feel - tune into your body. Do you feel heaviness in your chest? Tension in your neck or shoulders. If that sensation was a feeling, what would it say? Our bodies have so much innate wisdom. We need to listen to them.

I find that EFT/ Tapping really helps with this process. So if you’re feeling bleh, do yourself a favor and take a few minutes to take some deep breaths, tune in and tap on how you’re feeling. Join me in this 5 minute Thanksgiving tapping session. Your body will thank you!


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