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The Importance of Checking In With Yourself

It's so important to carve out time each and every day to ask yourself how you are doing. It's a time to reflect and assess your physical and emotional needs.

I like to set a reminder alarm on my phone and ask myself the following questions:

  1. How am I feeling? (Keep it simple. Just use one or two words)

  2. What am I thinking about? (This will help you connect your emotions with your thoughts.)

  3. What's working for me? (A time to list out a few things you are grateful for)

  4. What do I need? (From yourself and from others) Follow this up with action!

  5. What can I let go of? (What isn't serving me?)

Self Awareness is an important part of processing everything that you have going on in your mind. You deserve to take that time for yourself. Holding space for how you are feeling in this very moment will help you move out of feeling stuck and create forward momentum.

This is a simple tapping exercise that you can implement after asking yourself any or all of these questions!


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