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EFT For When You Are At A Crossroads

Are you at a crossroads? Whether you have a decision to make in your business life or a personal/ family decision the uncertainty can feel paralyzing. Stress, anxiety and overwhelm can take over and it can become physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting.

Sitting in that fear of the unknown is uncomfortable and scary. Tuning into the tension and stress you are carrying isn't fun. But, the more we allow ourselves to do that, the lighter we feel. That's not to say the anxiety and/ or fear magically disappears, but it becomes more bearable.

I'm choosing to trust that the best decision will reveal itself. And while some decisions can feel very final, I like to remind myself that our thoughts create our feelings, our feelings create our actions, and our actions create our results. We can choose a new thought again and again and again. So, instead of beating yourself up, maybe remind yourself you are doing the best you can! You've got this!


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