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Learn to Control Your Emotions so they don't Control You!

"When you control your thoughts and emotions, you control everything!"

How are you feeling? Take a moment right now to pause and ask yourself, "How am I feeling right now in this moment?" Get still. What comes up? Are you feeling stressed or anxious about something? Then notice what you are thinking about. And if the answer is, I'm feeling happy/ excited/ joyful... great! What are you thinking about? When we begin to make the connection between how we feel and what we are thinking about, a great deal of awareness emerges. When we can change our thoughts, we can change how we feel. Now, I know this isn't always an easy flip of a switch. Acknowledging the feeling is a BIG part of the process. But, once we acknowledge our feelings we can move through them. We can choose to have different thoughts! It is possible! Let's get the anxiety and stress moving, and invite in new thoughts, and a new perspective. Because remember, you DESERVE to feel good!


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