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Tapping Into Divine Flow

Do you struggle with letting go and surrendering?

Much like you, I like to be in control. I like to have a plan. I like to know what is next. Letting go, surrendering and trusting isn't always easy. I like when there is full clarity. But, we live in a world of grey. As much as we want to have a hard and fast plan, it isn't always possible. And sometimes fighting, forcing and doing everything you can to "make the plan work" can be straight exhausting physically and emotionally.

That's why learning how to tap into the flow is so important. If you are ready to stop swimming up stream and instead float with the current, this a tap-a-long you won't want to miss.

Today I pulled two cards from Tosha Silver's Divine Abundance deck: Ease & Divine Flow. If you feel like you are constantly pushing but not making any progress, it's time to surrender into ease.

Ready to get started? Let's tap!


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