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Tapping when you feel under the weather

When you feel sick, everything just sucks, doesn't it? Last night I had a fever, chills and was tossing and turning in bed. I hadn't been sick like that in ages. Luckily the fever broke early this morning and I started to feel human again.

A lot of feelings of frustration were coming up for me... frustrated my body couldn't do the things I wanted it to, frustrated I had to cancel and reschedule appointments, frustrated that this was happening at all!

Tapping helped me to sit with those feelings so that I could release them. If you too aren't feeling well, give yourself the time and space to acknowledge all the emotions that are making their way to the surface. Don't let them fester. You'll feel a lot better if you release them!

I'm now choosing to focus on gratitude that my body is strong and can fight this bug off, that I am listening to my body instead of powering through - there are always lessons to be learned. I'm sending healing vibes to all of you!


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