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Challenge Negative Thoughts With Positive Ones

Do you find yourself in a cycle of repeating negative thoughts? Thoughts like "I'm not good enough to do xyz" or "What if something bad happens?" Sometimes we ruminate as a way to feel in control - playing out all the awful potential outcomes to a situation. If you think about the terrible thing before it happens, you'll feel more prepared. At least thats what we subconsciously may be think. But in fact that is not true at all. Instead, this cycle feeds your anxiety, and leaves you feeling negative, irritable and angry.

What can you do? It starts with awareness. Notice your thoughts and ask yourself whether these thoughts are helping or hurting you. Through the practice of tapping you can acknowledge the thought, hold space for how you are feeling, and mindfully choose to redirect your attention.

Additionally, you can incorporate other healthy practices into your day - go for a walk (change your environment), eat well, call a friend, get some sleep. Ask your body what she needs and gift yourself the gift of responding with love!

It's time to challenge those negative thoughts - Let's tap!

Shifting your mindset is a practice. And often times it's easier to create lasting change when you have accountability and support. If you are looking to go deeper on your healing journey, let's connect!


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