EFT/ Tapping For Grieving The Loss of A Pet

Last week we lost our beloved boy, Baxter. Baxter was our 14 year old puggle. He was my first baby, and was with us through so much - 5 moves, 3 states, and bringing home two beautiful babies.

Baxter was a licker. From the time he was a puppy until the very end, he was always giving kisses. He was also a trouble maker. We have so many crazy memories of him. I'll highlight a few:

- Coming home to a big hole he scratched in the kitchen drywall

- Getting the toilet paper out of the bathroom, and literally TPing the whole house, dragging it everywhere

- Chewing up many, many shoes

- Stealing the baby's pacifiers and running around the house with it in his mouth like he too was a baby.

- Jumping up on the high couch cushions so he could kiss your neck lol

- Stealing the kids Halloween candy and pooping Snicker wrappers for days

- Snoring like a champ in the office while I worked

Baxie-boo had a BIG personality. At times he drove me crazy, but I loved him something fierce. Losing him has hit me really hard, it's hit all of us hard. Tapping has been such a helpful tool as I continue to move through the pain and loss.

If you too have lost a pet, I hope this tapping video helps you.