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Imposter Syndrome is Real: Here's How to Deal With It!

"It's not what you are that holds you back, it's what you think you are not." - Dennis Waitley

"There's times I don't feel good enough. I have these thoughts that someone else could teach the class better than me. Who do I think I am getting up in front of everyone?" A potential client shared these words with me yesterday during a consultation call. The feeling of not being good enough went back as far as she could remember. She's carried it with her for a life time, and it's a pervasive thought that comes up in different areas of her life again and again. That negative voice can be so loud. The beliefs can run really deep. But the good news is, we are capable of getting to the root of it and releasing it. Studies have shown that as you tap and focus, the nervous system begins to calm, new neural pathways start to develop, the body's energy comes more into balance and negative emotions and beliefs are released. This is incredibly powerful! If you struggle with imposter syndrome and not feeling good enough, it's time to create a process and practice to shift your thoughts and emotions. Forget the bandaid approach or the keep yourself so busy to try to avoid the thoughts or feelings approach. They don't work. But when you start to look within, and hold space for your emotions, really allowing yourself to feel them, BIG changes begin to happen in your business and in your life! Join the Tap Into Business Success Group! The Tap Into Business Success small group starts in a few short weeks! This is going to be a beautiful, safe space where you can get to the root of what is holding you back, create a plan to move forward, and feel supported every step of the way. Our energy and mindset are just as critical as a solid business plan when it comes finding entrepreneurial success. Are you ready to create that alignment for yourself? Join the Tap Into Business Success group! Tap with me!


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