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Tap Away Holiday Stress

December is just a few short days away! Is it me, or does it always seems to feel like this time of year moves at lightening speed?

The stress of the holidays can make life feel really overwhelming. The shopping, cooking, partying, mentally prepping to be around certain family members - it can be exhausting.

That's why now, perhaps more than ever, it's important to reset and ground yourself. This December you can CHOOSE to do things differently!

1- Check in with yourself. Acknowledge your feelings. Feel them.

This can be a tough time for so many of us. If you are missing a loved one that passed or feeling sad because your family isn't able to get together this year or reminiscing about how holidays used to be and that's bringing up emotions - you are allowed to feel whatever you are feeling.

2- Identify what you really want

Establish your priorities. Know that it is okay to say No! Saying no to someone else, can be like saying saying yes to yourself!

3- Plan something that you will enjoy.

Maybe it's calling an old friend, or watching a favorite movie or baking cookies. What is something that will create some happiness within your heart?

Let's destress together, tap away holiday stress, and tap into a fabulous December and holiday season!

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