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Tapping for Pain Relief

Do you suffer from physical pain? Whether you're experiencing chronic pain, or regular aches and pain, EFT can help.

Often times physical pain can cause stress and anxiety. In turn that stress exacerbates the physical pain. It can become a nasty cycle. Through the process of tapping you not only are acknowledging the pain, but the emotions you are experiencing associated with that pain. Doing so can open doors to feelings and memories you weren't consciously aware of, and this can lead to healing.

I have worked with many clients who have had eye opening experiences, realizing how specific emotions and/ or past events are contributing to their pain. Myself included.

When I was first introduced to EFT, I worked with a practitioner to address the pain I was experiencing as a result of TMJ issues. I was stunned by what I uncovered in one session. If you ever attend one of my workshops, you'll hear the full story!

Our bodies hold on to so much that our mind is not consciously aware of. Tapping is a simple and efficient practice that can help you connect the dots, create awareness, and from that awareness create lasting change.

If you want to explore this in more detail for your specific situation, please schedule a consultation call, and let's chat!


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