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Tapping to Release Imposter Syndrome

Do you ever feel like you aren't good enough? Do you question your worth? Do you agonize over small mistakes? Do you downplay your expertise? Do you ever find yourself wondering if you really deserve your job or any of your accomplishments? If so, you are NOT alone. It's actually more common than you think. It's estimated that 70% of the U.S. population has experienced signs and symptoms of imposter syndrome.

These symptoms typically include feelings of self doubt, fear of success, fear of failure, and self-sabotage. All or any combination of these thoughts can be paralyzing and have a negative impact on your life. The first step toward creating change is recognizing and acknowledging when your thoughts

start swirl, and then take action to release them.

How to Release Feelings of Self-Doubt

1. Acknowledge your thoughts

2. Explore where the thoughts came from - past experiences, family beliefs, etc.

3. Reframe your thoughts - positive affirmations come in handy here.

EFT / Tapping is a great tool that can help you move through these steps and release these feelings and limiting beliefs.. Tap along with me in this 7 minute video.

If this resonates, please reach out. I'd be honored to guide you through a personalized EFT practice.


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