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You Are Enough

You are messy, imperfect, and beautiful exactly as you are in this moment. You are enough. You are enough! You are enough!!!

In this day and age it's way too easy to get wrapped up in the comparison game. Scrolling social media, looking at edited photos, comparing your life to these unreal versions of other people's lives - it can quickly send you down a rabbit hole of self destruction leaving you with the belief that you aren't living up to expectations. These typically aren't expectations set by others, but expectations that you put on yourself.

This can lead to negative self talk and thoughts of "I'm not good enough." Over time, these thoughts turn into beliefs compounding the associated emotions and leave you feeling depleted and less than. These feelings of negativity and self loathing will not create change. You can't hate yourself to a better version of yourself. It's just not possible. Only after you return to love and fully accept where you are - right here, right now can true shifts begin to happen.

Tap along with me and let's shift some energy!


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