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EFT for Tuning In & Listening to Your Intuition

Have you been listening to yourself? I mean, really listening. Have you been taking the time to get quiet and align with your inner voice? If not, this is your sign that it's time to get still.

I just returned from an amazing retreat in Guatemala. There is so much to tell, and I will in time, but in a word, it was TRANSFORMATIVE.

Leading up to this trip I had over booked myself - workshops, classes, client sessions, personal appointments, events for the kids. When I looked at my calendar in the beginning of the the month, I felt overwhelmed. But, I powered on, because that's what we do, right? As business owners and mother's, stuff has to get done, and who else will do it if not us!

Well life had other plans. I got covid. And it knocked me down, HARD. I was forced to cancel classes and sessions. I was laid up in bed, and when I did feel a bit better and tried to do the smallest thing like wipe down the kitchen counter, it was quickly followed by a nap. Exhaustion doesn't even seem like a strong enough word.

As I slowly recovered I chatted with a fellow EFT practitioner and friend who told me she thought that the Universe may have given me covid because I needed to go into this retreat rested, instead of using this retreat to rest. It would be a different experience for me. Her words hit me hard. I knew she was right. I needed to go into this rested and calm so that I could receive all the energetic goodness. The lesson I learned the hard way was that you MUST, I can not stress this enough, be listening to your intuition at all times!

I knew I had too much on my plate, but I didn't listen to that voice. Then my body forced me to listen and slow. We do not have to get to that point. Instead, get quiet and listen. Let's do that together now.

Tap along with me in this video!


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