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Avoid Holiday Overwhelm

It's the holiday season and so many of us are feeling overwhelmed. The feeling can hit unexpectedly.

Sometimes it’s in the middle of the workday when the responsibilities and stresses of the job get to be so much that you think there’s no way you’ll ever climb out of this hole, let alone your inbox.

Sometimes it’s at night while you are helping with home work, making dinner, and making Christmas shopping lists.

Sometimes it's when a friend tells you she's done with all her holiday shopping when you haven't even started yet!

Whether it shows up while you are working on a client project, or you're at home, overwhelm can feel really heavy. It feels out of control. And it's all too easy to get caught up in the never ending thoughts spiraling in our minds.

Tapping about how you re feeling can help you feel grounded, get out of your. head, and realize you can choose differently.

You can and will get through this! Let's tap together!


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