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Reduce Holiday Stress In 3 Minutes

During the Mayan Nawal reading I received from a Shaman while visiting Guatemala, I listened to her describe all of the different symbols from the Mayan calendar that were in my chart. She went into great detail and I was fascinated by the accuracy of everything she shared. One of the messages she stressed the most: The Power of the Pause!


She encouraged me, and now I'm encouraging you, at the top of every hour take 3 minutes to pause and breathe. Clear your mind.


I committed to this practice throughout my work day. Wow! The calm it has helped me cultivate can not be denied. Sometimes I'll add in some silent tapping, or if something is bothering me I'll put words to it and tap for those 3 minutes.


With the stress of the holidays, crowded stores, visiting family, and general overwhelm, it's more important than ever to pause!


Tap with me for 3 minutes and reduce holiday stress with this video...


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