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Tapping for Voicing Your Opinion

Deb shared with me that she didn’t feel safe voicing her opinion. She identified as being shy for the majority of her life. As we started tapping about being shy and quiet, a memory of an elementary school teacher telling her to “Let someone else have a turn” came to mind. The memory brought with it a flood of emotions. As we acknowledged these emotions, she had an ah-ha moment as she equated speaking up with getting in trouble. For years she stayed quiet trying to protect herself, yet simultaneously felt incredibly frustrated and not good enough.

Identifying these emotions and where she felt these emotions in her body (in her neck) allowed her to hold space for the emotions, physical sensations (tightness and constriction) and even connect with her inner child and the fear she had of getting scolded or yelled at. The process helped her to feel into the fact that that was her past, and it does not have to dictate her future.

Communication is one of the most critical qualities for being a successful entrepreneur. Without clear and effective communication, great ideas will not have the ability to flourish into a successful business.

Tapping can help you improve your communication skills by identifying emotional or mental blocks that may be impacting your ability to communicate effectively.

Maybe, like Deb, there is a particular past experience that will come to mind that you need to process. Or maybe there is a fear of speaking up and you have no idea why. Whatever the case may be, tapping can help you get to the root of why you feel the way you do, so that you can release the negative emotions associated with these blocks and improve your communication skills.

Doing this work in community can be incredibly beneficial. What one person shares often is something another in the space relates to, or it generates their own memories or ah-ha moments!

Next week I launch the first Tap Into Business Success group program! If you are feeling stuck in any way in your business, this group is the answer! I’m so excited to connect with the beautiful souls who feel called to join!

Tap with me...

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