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Tapping When You Feel Pulled In Different Directions

EFT can help build resilience in the face of stress from being stretched too thin.

I know so many people, women in particular, who are struggling with managing working from home, running their businesses, caring for their children, tracking everyone's activities and chauffeuring all over the place, and trying to squeeze in some time for themselves. It's exhausting.

All too often we end up putting ourselves last, and being stretched to the brink can lead to burn out and even chronic illness. Tapping and acknowledging how you feel, can create awareness, help you shift your perspective, and sometimes even get ideas on how to do things differently!

A few additional strategies that I have found helpful:

1- Structure

A regular routine for you and your family helps maintain both physical and emotional health - time to exercise, do homework, bedtime routines etc. can be very helpful.

2- Setting boundaries

Time blocking has been a game changer for me - commit to turning off the computer/ phone and not working/ answering emails after a certain time, having designated times for family activities and self care activities.

3- Self Compassion

Give yourself grace. So often we feel guilty - guilty we didn't get more done at work, or guilty we didn't spend more time with the kids. Make time to check in with yourself. What are the thoughts that you are thinking? How are those thoughts making you feel, both physically and emotionally? Ask yourself how you want to feel. What would you need to think in order to feel that way? ( The answers to these questions are all things you can tap on! ;) winky face)

Tapping, along with these strategies, can bring you some stability and perspective. You deserve to feel good and at peace! You deserve to find the work/ life balance that you crave. Practicing these skills and using these tools will help you get there!

Need support? I'm here for you! Connect with me for a free consultation!


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